Why I Would Buy A Home In Altamonte Springs

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Why I Would Buy A Home In Altamonte Springs


Growing up as a child I spent summer vacations in Orlando. I was always excited about going to Universal studios and Disney world. I would spend two weeks with my relatives in a residential area in Orlando. Back then when I was a child I didn't pay attention too much. But now that I've moved to the city of Orlando I realized that Orlando is more than just Disney world and Universal studios.


Orlando is a beautiful area to live in that's family oriented. Orlando has a couple of small towns surrounding it. These small towns are family-friendly areas. My favorite small town around Orlando is Altamonte springs. 


Altamonte Springs is mildly populated, safe and family friendly. 


Some key information to know if you are a parent is to keep an eye out on Forest City Elementary School in Altamonte Springs. Forest City Elementary school is ranked the top 50% of elementary schools in all of Florida in both reading and math. They serve about 795 kids from ages Pre-K to 5th grade. Based on research I found that 63% of students scored at or above math proficiency levels and 56% scored at or above reading proficiency levels. 


As far as being safe and Altamonte springs, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Altamonte Springs is 1 out of 330 with a population of just over 46,000. Compared to 20.93 out of 100,000 in Miami Gardens, Florida. 2 reported murders out of 46,000 in Altamonte Springs. Out of 1200 properties, 140 crimes were reported. For the most part Altamonte Springs is one of the safest places in all of America. 


My personal favorite thing about Altamonte Springs is that it's not too crowded. As I stated above the population in the city of Miami Gardens alone is over 100,000 people. But in Altamonte Springs it's 46,000 people. Imagine living in a city where it's not too crowded, there are lots of things to do. Such as going to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, RDV SportsPlex Ice Den and Altamonte Mall. 


Did I forget to mention that you're 23 minutes away from Universal studios? I believe Altamonte Springs is a place to consider if you are a family raising children or looking to start all over. 


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