How To Motivate Yourself

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Real Estate

What motivates me might not be what motivates you. This fascinates me because we all have different reasons for taking action. Which is exactly what I want to talk about today. Reasons. What are your reasons for your actions? Why am I a realtor? What made me want to invest time in writing a blogpost on motivation? Whatever it is there is a reason behind it? I have a motive for being a realtor, writing a blogpost, sending mailers and making a cold call. To motivate yourself you must discover the reasons you do what you do. 

I recently read Brian Tracey's book the Psychology of Sales, I discovered an exercise that someone he knew did that gave him unshakable drive.  The exercise was to take out a blank sheet of paper and jot down all your reasons why you want to achieve a particular goal. In this exercise you have to write-down at least twenty-five reasons why you are doing what you are doing. In the book Brian Tracey mentioned a gentleman who wrote over one-hundred reasons and this man was virtually unstoppable. 

You too are virtually unstoppable if you find enough reasons to take action. Write-down as much reasons as possible. Do not hold back. The more reasons you have, the more motivated you will be. I did this exercise and have more energy than ever. Sometimes you will unmotivated especially if you forget your reasons. But not if you review you list every day. By reviewing your list everyday you'll see certain reasons that will strike a nerve and you'll get right to action. 

Try it.