4 Tips To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor

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4 Tips To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor 


We're living in a day and time where people are more self-sufficient because of the internet. Truth be told there are various websites and ways to market your own home. It's possible more than ever to successfully sell your home without a realtor. 


Many people are able to get lots of offers and traffic quickly without a realtor. On the contrary, some people are not able to sell without a realtor. Not because no one wants their home but in some cases it requires more work and expertise that an experienced realtor can do for you. 


Sometimes people want to sell without a realtor because they want to maximize their net proceedings and not pay a realtor 6% 


What are some ways on how to sell your home without a realtor? 


First, pricing is the key. In all honesty, if you price your home accordingly people will flock. Even though the real estate transaction process is complex, sometimes there's still a product to sell, your house. If I go to any store or any business, I see value in a thing and it's priced accordingly, I'm going to buy. It's the same thing for selling a home. If people see the value of a home and it's priced accordingly you are going to get offers. The first thing to do if you want to sell your home without a realtor is to price your home accordingly. Price matters. 


The second thing you can do if you want to sell your home without a realtor is to get professional pictures done. I say this because we as humans are compelled to something because of the way it looks. We tend to be driven by sight. If we can entice potential buyers with the lust of their eyes, they will be interested. Therefore, it is imperative that you take great professional pictures and get your home sold for top dollar at a fast pace. 


The third thing to do is make sure you have a compelling description for when you post your home for sale online. There are so many times where people would make vague statements about their home such as, "very spacious'', "next to the lake", or "in a nice neighborhood.' Okay, that's great but tell us more. What are the benefits?


What's the benefit of a home being spacious? What about the lake that's in your backyard? What makes the lake so special? Tell us more about the good schools that's in the area? How is the walking score over there? What would life be like if I didn't have a car? Is it a rural area or a city area? If you can create mental pictures in your buyer's mind you can start a bidding war.  


The fourth thing to do is to make sure your house is well staged. Don't try to sell your house without a realtor and have your home staged any type of way and not have it cleaned. The whole point is to create a vision for your buyers. You want to compel people to your home. You want to plant seeds in their mind. Have them envision how life would look like in your home.


These are four tips you can implement now to get your home sold for top dollar at a faster pace.  


The only thing I will warn you about is you must have time and a high level of tolerance to get the job done. The real estate transaction process can be a challenge at times. It takes marketing skills and management if you're going to sell your house without a realtor.


Even though you can sell your house without a realtor, it's recommended to use a good one. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.