1 Reason Why I Would Buy A Home In Tamarac, FL

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Looking to buy a home in this crazy sellers market? Are you having a tough time getting your offer accepted? You are not alone. Thousands of potential home buyers especially first timers are getting a run for their money in this market. In this market, people are listing their house for sale and a day later there are 10 offers on the home without anyone even taking a look at it!


Based on my observations, maybe I'm wrong I'd look to purchase in Tamarac, FL.


In my opinion, Tamarac is a sweet spot in South Florida where people overlook.

Here is the reason why I recommend moving to Tamarac, Florida: 

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are great places to live. There is always something to do, new people to meet and in a lot of cases you are next to I-95, making it easier to commute to different locations. But since this is a sellers market with tons cash buyers unless you are willing to offer $10,000 over asking price or skip the inspection phase it'll be hard to win a bidding war.  

But I discovered while working my real estate practice the Tamarac area is a little less populated. Tamarac is populated, but not populated to the point where you are competing against 25 people in a bidding war. When I say 25 other people I also mean 25 other people placing an offer within a weeks span of the house being listed.


If you are eager to buy a home now in South Florida and you don't have as much buying power. Why don't you try looking into moving to Tamarac? It's a nice town with quiet neighborhood and houses and NOT overly populated. 

The cons to living in Tamarac is there is not as much going on and you'll have to take the turnpike a lot if you want to navigate across town easily. But other than that, you'll have a nice home in a quiet neighborhood and won't have to deal with as much noise.   

If you are looking for a home in South Florida, give me a call. 

Kenel Escarment